gabrielle stichweh

Hello. I’m Gabrielle. I am an artisan, designer, teacher, and learner. I work as the Prototyping Technician at UC’s Ground Floor Makerspace, which fosters my passion for fabrication, skill sharing, and learning new things.






new york beauty wall hanging

This pattern originated in the mid-19th century and is believed to have been inspired by the architectural elements found in New York City's skyline. Its popularity grew in the early 20th century as quilt makers began to experiment with more elaborate designs and techniques.

The New York Beauty pattern is challenging to construct, as it requires precise piecing and sewing of many small and often irregularly shaped pieces. This was my first experience using the paper piecing method, which involves sewing the fabric pieces onto a stabilizing base material.

wall hanging
red, tan, orange batiks and other fabric 

april 2023

jazz quilt

This piece was made with scraps of many different sizes. The title references the improvisational method of assembly- a block was made to suit each size of scrap fabric, and the blocks were pieced together with strips of randomly sized material. This wall hanging’s form was decided by the availability of material rather than any set plan from the beginning.

wall hanging
green & tan scraps
june 2021

be real quilt
This experimental wall hanging combined scrap fabrication methods with modern lettering assembly to show a reflected phrase across the span of the wall hanging.

The wavy, overlapping quilting cuts across the text axis and brings additional, confusing dimension to the piece.

wall hanging
green & tan scraps
july 2021

billionaire wall hanging

This was my first experiment in lettered piecing. The 1 inch fabric squares are sewn together in a checkerboard pattern of light and dark, with random green scraps spelling out the phrase “you will never be a billionaire and you shouldnt want to”. The small red brick quilting pattern runs across the piece, giving it stability and direction.

lettered wall hanging
green & tan fabric
may 2020

eve wall hanging

This piece started out as an attempt at a tree of life quilt, and was then improvised towards the final product you see here. The design is inspired by traditional tapestries, which often tell stories through a panel layout.

Quilting has historically been a way to communicate cultural or religious stories, and tapestries like this one communicated those ideas in large public spaces through iconography of varying fidelity.

large wall hanging
colorful scrap fabric
april 2020

lone star wall hanging

The design of this piece was a collaboration between myself and the commissioner, a local musician who wanted something to hang behind him while playing shows. The traditional pattern of the lone star and the bright color palette are inspired by Native American quilts, which have a rich history of cultural importance in the quilting community.

wall hanging
colorful batik fabric
march 2021

line quilt

This experiment in modern quilting abandons traditional patterns, and uses two simple colors of fabric. The interest comes from the forced perspective of converging lines. Viewers may either perceive a field shrinking back in the distance, or a structure reaching up to the sky.

wall hanging
red & white fabric
june 2020

cyanotype wall hanging

This piece was repurposed from an old wall hanging I did years ago. I treated the quilt with cyanotype chemicals and exposed it with plant matter from the Cincinnati area arranged on it.

wall hanging
muslin quilt with cyanotype chemicals
july 2023