gabrielle stichweh

Hello. I’m Gabrielle. I am an artisan, designer, teacher, and learner. I work as the Prototyping Technician at UC’s Ground Floor Makerspace, which fosters my passion for fabrication, skill sharing, and learning new things.






green star lap quilt

This piece took more than 18 months to complete. The 1 inch star and lattice blocks were finished quickly, but they stayed pinned up on my studio wall for so long because I was waiting to find the perfect green fabric to serve as the border background. Once I finally sourced the right shade, I completed the twisted ribbon border and finalized this piece.

lap quilt 
green civil war reproduction fabric & muslin scraps
july 2023

lone star lap quilt
The Lone Star quilt pattern, also known as the Star of Bethlehem or Texas Star, has a rich history that is closely tied to American quilting traditions. These designs were popularized during the civil war era and have continued to be a beloved and iconic pattern in quilting ever since.

This example was made of scraps of civil war reproduction fabric, individually pieced together to achieve a random arrangement of shades and patterns.

lap quilt
blue scraps
october 2021

hand tied lap quilt
Hand tied quilts have a long history that can be traced back to the early days of quilting in America. Once the quilt top was completed, layers of batting and backing were added, and then the layers were secured together with ties made of yarn, thread, or twine. Hand tied quilts provided warmth and comfort to families during the harsh winters and were often passed down through generations as treasured family heirlooms.

lap quilt
found blocks
june 2020

warm & cool star lattice quilts

This piece was done with found star blocks which were made in 2011, with new lattice blocks made to fit between them. The civil war reproduction fabrics give it a cozy, homey feeling.

lap quilt
civil war reproduction fabric
march 2022

hunter star lap quilt

The Hunter’s Star quilt pattern is a traditional quilt design that features interlocking diamond shapes to create a striking visual effect. The design was thought to symbolize the North Star, which hunters could use to navigate their way through the wilderness. Hunter’s Star quilts are typically made using a combination of light and dark fabrics to create contrast and depth. The mitered corners add to the striking geometric impact of this quilt. 

small lap quilt
red & white fabric
may 2020

double ring quilt
Double ring quilts gained popularity during the Depression era, when quilters looked for ways to create beautiful and functional items using scraps of fabric and clothing.

This particular piece uses green and tan fabrics with small patterns printed on them, giving a sense of solid weight at a distance, with the detailed patterns and quilted lines emerging as the viewer steps closer to the piece.

lap quilt
green & tan fabric
september 2020

log cabin quilt

The log cabin quilt pattern has a long history that dates back to the early 1800s in America. It is inspired by the log cabins built by early pioneers, with the central square representing the hearth and the surrounding strips symbolizing the logs. The pattern became popular during the civil war, and has continued to be a beloved and iconic design in quilting ever since.

The blocks are laid out in a sawtooth star arrangement, breaking up the light and dark lines that cross the surface of the piece.

king sized bed quilt
red & tan scraps
april 2020

20 year quilt

The blocks in this quilt were pieced in the year 2001 by my grandmother and her quilting circle. The blocks were set aside and never made into a finished piece until they were passed down to me. I connected the blocks with plaid sashing and quilted the top onto a flannel backing with no batting. From fabric to finish, this piece took 2 decades and over 15 artisans to complete.

lap quilt
found blocks
september 2021

ohio star lap quilt

The Ohio Star quilt pattern is a classic and timeless design that has been popular in American quilting for generations. It features a large central star made up of nine squares, with a contrasting background color to create a striking visual contrast. 

This take on the patten features a nautical color palette, with north, south, east, and west pointing arrows around the edges and in the corners, as well as wavy cross-quilting reminiscent of the sea.

small lap quilt
blue scraps
may 2020

first quilt

This is the first full sized quilt I made. The colored blocks, of the traditional broken dishes pattern, were made by my mother and her friends in the early 2000’s. I pieced them together, added white sashing, and quilted the layers together. 

The unity of traditional civil war reproduction fabric with bright white sashing reflect the complimentary movements of traditional and modern quilting that are popular today.

twin quilt
found blocks
july 2018

thesis quilt

The Cincinnati Quilt Project delivers a physical quilt that was hand-stitched by members of the Cincinnati community, a library of valuable stories and experiences from those members, and a context that links them together.

Visit to read the interviews and see more photos.

thesis project
blue & tan fabric
dec 2019-april 2020