gabrielle stichweh

Hello. I’m Gabrielle. I am an artisan, designer, teacher, and learner. I work as the Prototyping Technician at UC’s Ground Floor Makerspace, which fosters my passion for fabrication, skill sharing, and learning new things.






k-12 professional development

In June of 2023, the Makerspace worked with the Greater Cincinnati Stem Collaborative to host a 2 week professional development intensive for 18 local k-12 teachers. We went through standard and custom trainings with the teachers, and collaborated on projects and curriculum development. 

This was an incredible experience in community building and opened up new venues of impact for the Makerspace throughout our surrounding area. The group will continue to meet throughout the year in an ongoing community of practice. 

This experience helped each participant and host learn about the application of the making mindset on all age levels of education, and ignited passions for a variety of making methods on experienced and inexperienced makers. 

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As the Prototyping Technician at UC’s Groundfloor Makerspace, I spend time developing a variety of training programs for the space.

A certification program is a comprehensive and structured program that grants access to machinery. These programs are designed to provide a useful understanding of how a technology operates. During a certification, participants must demonstrate proficiency in the concepts and technical execution of the subject area.

Since the Makerspace is open to students, faculty, and staff of UC as well as external community members, these activities are designed to be accessible by complete novices, who may not have the background understanding necessary for the use of these machines. The activities, while structured to impart specific processes and skills, always remain liquid enough to adapt to the needs of their participants.

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A workshop is a longer, more focused program that is designed to provide hands-on training for the fabrication of a specific object.

Workshops are generally longer in duration than certification programs and may be offered as a one-time event or a series of sessions. The interest of the workshop deliverable makes it more attractive for people to sign up for, and because participants have learned skills and techniques while making an object of value, the new information exists in a context that will stay with them more effectively.

These workshops have opened up a new model of usership for the Makerspace, with a range of levels of commitment and difficulty now available from easy team bonding experiences for our corporate partners to informative CAD modeling furniture projects for students who don’t have access to those subjects in their degree programs.

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The introduction classes were the first type of activity offered by the Makerspace. They are brief programs that provide an overview of a particular subject or skill. These classes are designed for individuals who are new to a topic and want to learn the basics- usually of software or 3D printing.

At the beginning of each semester, I train the prototyping student workers to start leading these activities. This allows us to offer more classes on the Makerspace calendar, and helps the student workers to build their knowledge of these subjects by teaching it to others. We’ve found that our employees gain competency much quicker when they are simultaneously trying to learn new technologies while they share their new understanding with others.

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