gabrielle stichweh

Hello. I’m Gabrielle. I am an artisan, designer, teacher, and learner. I work as the Prototyping Technician at UC’s Ground Floor Makerspace, which fosters my passion for fabrication, skill sharing, and learning new things.






console table

This piece was made to stand in the entrance hallway of my home. The natural black streaks in the spalted maple top are emphasized by the black stained tapered poplar legs. The piece is held together with brass hardware and has 2 functional drawers.

spalted maple & stained poplar
december 2019

section 001

This couch and coffee table came out of a collaborative furniture studio during my time at DAAP for my BS in Industrial Design. I designed the table, and made the upholstery for the couch.

This set of furniture is meant to go in a DAAP classroom, and is designed for the needs and habits of students.

furniture collaboration
metal and textiles
april 2018

bed frame
This project was an experiment in wood joinery. The bedframe is held together with no hardware, only woodglue and traditional handmade joinery. The design of the headboard includes 7 square negative spaces, connecting it to the square blocks of the quilt that will lay on the bed.

As one of my first woodworking projects, this was a fascinating learning experience, and I hope to create a full bedroom set of furniture in the future.

hard maple
november 2019 - april 2022

dining set

The table and chairs are not only functional objects, but also serve as a platform for learning and experimentation. As I work through the various stages of design and production, I am challenged to think critically about the relationship between craft and technology, and how the two can be integrated in a way that honors the integrity of both.

baltic birch plywood and metal
november 2019